Friday, August 5, 2011

Let's Go Back... WAY Back: A Series - Part 51

Blog Originally Published: July 25, 2007 - 3:34 PM


What do you mean you already knew?  Ugh.  And here I thought I hid it so well.  Ah well... C'est la vie.

I started reading Harry Potter Sunday night and I'm a little over halfway through.  But I LOVE reading Harry Potter because I always have such crazy dreams after I've read myself to sleep.  Like the other night I woke up (or at least I think I was awake) in the middle of the night and I saw a light coming through the crack underneath my bedroom door and I immediately thought, "Oh good.  They've put a protective charm around my door so Voldemort can't get to me!"  LOL!!!  And then of course I had all sorts of dreams about fighting him and such.  Makes for a very exciting sleeping experience!  lol!  HEY!  I told you I was a gigantic nerd.  What you see is what you get.

p.s. - If anyone mentions ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING to me about the book before I'm done reading it, I will break off each of your legs just so I have something to beat you with!
In other news... I may be going on a grand tour of Europe before the year ends.  Where exactly will I get the money for that, you ask?  Well, my friend in Italy suggests starting the tour off in Amsterdam and spending a few nights in a window!  He even offered to do it with me!  (Hang out in the window to make some cash, I mean.  I KNOW what YOU were thinking.)  Hey, sounds like as good a plan to me as any other.  And then I'd have the money to travel around.  Yay!  Problem solved!  Who else is with me?

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