Monday, August 1, 2011

Let's Go Back... WAY Back: A Series - Part 47

Blog Originally Published: June 18, 2007 - 12:34 PM

 Erica, Frog Savior nun!

So, I can't seem to go anywhere without saving lives these days.  Take, for instance, me going swimming this weekend.  TONS of tiny frogs... froglettes, if you will... swimming in the pool.  First of all, I swim in pools to avoid swimming with anything other than humans.  (Swimming where there are babies is bad enough.)  But, these poor froglettes can't help it if their idiotic mother doesn't realize that, while they can swim as tadpoles, they are going to have a lot of trouble getting up and over the steep slippery walls of the pool once they grow their legs and aren't meant to live in the water anymore.  Stupid mama frogs!  Geez!  So I had to rescue them.  (Yes, I did.)  After freaking out just a little because one of the frogs was SPEED SWIMMING (had he been in the Olympics, he would have kicked everyone's ass!) toward me, trying to rescue himself, I got out of the pool and grabbed one of my flip flops.  Then I used it as a life preserver and went around saving these little froggies one by one and putting them in the grass around the pool.  And they were grateful.  Oh yes.  They told me so.  There must have been about ten of them.  And one was SO fat (poor love) it was adorable.  Just call me Erica, Frog Savior.

So that was Saturday.  (Exciting, eh?)

And yesterday mio bambino came to town!    And then we went to The San Antonio where they were having The Basketball Celebration (Not that we cared.  That's not why WE went to San Antonio anyway.) and we had The Birthday Party and drank The Margaritas.  OH!  And my sixty-eight (maybe?)-year-old great-aunt, who is a nun, told me I was smart for not having The Babies (which I agreed with wholeheartedly and then in a very ghetto manner said, "Mmm hmm... I KNOW tha's right, girl... Shooooot..." I'm lying about that part, of course, but it would have been funnier if I'd have replied to her like that.).  And then she proceeded to tell me some exercises she once saw on television for your butt.  (Your butt.  Not mine.)

All in all is all we are.

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