Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let's Go Back... WAY Back: A Series - Part 39

Blog Originally Published: April 8, 2007 - 2:12 PM

Beware of Evil Fed-Ex Trucks

So, today... or yesterday at this point, I suppose... I went to the lake.  YES.  That's right.  (Shock.)  It was like, hmmm... 30-something degrees and it was raining.  (FRICKIN' FREEZING!)  Yet, I went.  Indeed, 'tis true.
It was SO amazing though.  There was hardly anyone there, so all the animals were out.  Cardinals and the fattest squirrels ever!  Too cute.  I wanted to take all of them home.  And everything was the most amazing shade of green.  Well, I suppose everything looks super colorful against a grey sky.  And the lake was steaming!!!  God, it was really cool.  And there was one little moron of a guy canoeing down the lake through all the fog.  I had to take a mental picture.  (Yes, mental, because that's what I am.  Shut up.)  Gorgeous.  And the mud.  Oh the mud.  Puddles and sleet.  We love you.
But, OH!  This was the best part:  I get up on Congress, where I cross the river  to get to the other side (much like the chicken), and I'm jogging to Bob Dylan or something when all of a sudden, I see this huge Fed-Ex truck coming.  And its like a scene I've seen in so many movies.  So, I know what's coming.  So, I just stopped jogging for a moment and let it happen.  And it did.  In slow motion.  The truck nears and sure enough, a wall of water splashes onto me.  Covers me.! And of course, I died laughing.  Anyone else would have freaked out royally, I think.  You know, it being nearly freezing temperatures out and all.  But, not me.  I was like two miles from the car and on a bridge!  Nothing I could do about it.  It was too funny!  I nearly peed my pants laughing so hard.  (Too much info?  Perhaps.)  And then the Beatles came on and I ran like hell.
Just like always.
The End.

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