Saturday, July 23, 2011

Let's Go Back... WAY Back: A Series - Part 38

Blog Originally Published: March 25, 2007 - 11:09 PM

Beauty Abounds

 Sometimes its rather difficult to remember how much beauty there is in the world.  I often find myself trudging through life day to day, forgetting to stop and really appreciate it.  But every once in a while, something (usually seemingly insignificant) will catch my eye and I'm reminded what a beautiful place this truly is.  And I breathe a sigh of relief that I'm still able to acknowledge and appreciate the beauty in such simple things.
I was out jogging yesterday and came up on a little pier that extended slightly over Town Lake.  The sky was partly cloudy, the water was glistening, and the trees and shrubbery were in full bloom.  On the pier, there was a middle-aged man standing with an older man and a little blonde girl with curly hair and who was dressed in what reminded me of the Easter dresses I used to have to wear as a child.  She couldn't have been more than four years old and she was holding a fishing pole with the line cast out into the water.  The three of them were faced toward the lake and there was no one else around.  Grandfather, son, and granddaughter, I thought to myself.  Whether it was true or not didn't even matter.  The picture of the three of them was priceless and my day was made just a little bit better from having seen them.
Life is short.  Stop and appreciate the little things. 
(Sorry for sounding like a cheesy greeting card.  I'm just finding myself really happy these days, so I wanted to share.  Spread the loooooooove!)

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