Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let's Go Back... WAY Back: A Series - Part 32

Blog Originally Published: March 8, 2007 - 3:04 PM

Just Because...

A friend was interested in the types of email messages I receive here on MySpace.  Well, I've posted a couple of the more obnoxious, or funny ones in the past, so I decided I would post one that I found particularly nice, for a change.  I've had this in my mail for sometime now, just because its sort of nice to go back and read it sometimes.  (Yeah, I'm sad and pathetic.)  He may have sent this email to several different girls, but it was still different and interesting enough to get my attention.  It was just like he must have put some thought into it, you know?  Maybe I'm wrong.  I dunno.  But I MUCH prefer something like this to the emails that say, "Hey, girl.  You look good.  Hit me up."  Thoughtfulness... creativity... intrigue...  Those are the things that catch my attention.  I didn't put this guy's contact information like I did with the more jerky-type guys because I want to respect his privacy.  So anyway, here is the email:

Subject: the author is a suspense you cant put down...
Chapter one-and so it began...the "writer" became the "reader" in a thrilling short of both mystery and romance. the words she read were written by a man who was taken in-turn by hers. a feature writer who wanted to land the story of the century. the story was her. her everyday life and struggles she expressed in her conversations, made him listen attentively as she explained the riddle to unlock her heart. she wanted desperately to be challenged and respected by someone. its uncanny how life can take you somewhere you never would have ventured but the lessons to be learned are crucial in one's growth. both were traveling through life. she was grown, the others before her in her life were lackluster and she needed more. fueled by her way of life, he wrote on and on, with her on his mind. her mind fascinated him the most, looks can come and go but a sharp mind can take you places. he wanted to travel through her mind. be in her thoughts day to day, even when she slept. before she woke, he would be there with coffee and a kiss. she was a book he would never put down. ---to be continued

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