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Let's Go Back... WAY Back: A Series - Part 30

Blog Originally Published: February 25, 2007 - 10:06 PM

What is Wrong With Boys? (please reply)

No, really, WHAT IS WRONG WITH BOYS?  I have a brother and two step-brothers, and I still cannot for the life of me understand boys' way of thinking.  For instance, here is an email message I got through MySpace today:
----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Aaron
Date: Feb 25, 2007 4:08 PM

hi sexy how are you
(I realize, the "sexy" should have been enough reason for me not to reply, but I suppose I was bored, so I did.  I usually wouldn't have, so don't get any ideas...  My reply is below.)
----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Erica
Date: Feb 25, 2007 4:17 PM

lol! That was original.
I'm fine thanks. And you?
----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Aaron
Date: Feb 25, 2007 4:19 PM
im good just a little horny and wouldnt mind fuckin you
Now, WTF?!  Boys, why in God's name would you send this message to a girl you don't know?  Do you really expect a response?  (I didn't respond to this one, just in case you' were unsure.)  If I try really hard to understand it, I suppose I can.  Here, in MySpace Land, you're there at home, hidden behind your computer, and you feel safe in saying whatever the hell you want to people because, what's there to be afraid of, right?  The most they can do is block you or respond rudely back to you and if so you don't even have to read their response.  BUT, then what about in real life? 

What posseses boys to say, loud enough for a girl to hear, "DAMN," when that girl walks by them?  (This happened to me today and it wasn't the first time in my life it has.)  I would never do that when a guy that I find attractive walks by me.  I mean, can you imagine me all, "Damn baby, you look good!"?  lol!  It's ridiculous.  What are guys thinking when they do something like this?  I mean, are they expecting me to turn around and jump into their arms?  Are there girls who would actually do that?  And who are these girls?
I've heard the excuse that guys do it because sometimes the outfit a girl wears is begging for attention.  (I was wearing khaki linen pants, a green Beatles t-shirt, a straw fedora, and pig tails!)  Even if I had been wearing a see-through mini dress, that is NOT an invitation for you to behave like a pig.  In case you guys are unaware, girls rarely dress to impress YOU!  We're either doing it for ourselves, or we're doing it to impress other girls!  You boys are not on our minds half as often as you'd like to think. 

It's so freaking annoying! 

I would like your thoughts on this subject, from girls and boys, please. 
Thank you.  Love you.  Buh-bye.

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