Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's Go Back... WAY Back: A Series - Part 4

Blog Originally Published: June 6, 2006 - Tuesday 12:59 PM

Happy 6/6/06!

In Vegas they were actually taking bets as to whether or not the world was in fact going to end today! HA! Although I don't think the odds were very good (surprise) because it was something like if you bet $100,000 and won, you'd win like 1/2 a penny or something. Then again, if the world did end, how would you even collect? Eh? Well, I guess we do still have about 11 hours to see what's going to happen though. And I don't know about you but I am going to lock myself away somewhere and cower until tomorrow comes.

Anyhoo, a few random things before I go:

1. I read yesterday that Pakistan banned the DaVinci Code. What the hell? Pakistan? Really? ...Ooookay...

2. Austin made #5 on the list of the top smartest cities in the country. I always knew we were a bunch of smart asses here and now my theory is proven. See?

3. How many people have MySpace IM? Is it something I should have? I mean, is that a bandwagon I should be jumping on? You know how I can't stand not being part of the "in-crowd."

4. I finally got a laptop! (Hoorah!) And this time it was a hassle-free experience. Can you believe one of those even exists? I ordered it from Dell and it was delivered to my door. So now I can be a 21st century writer. (You're happy for me. I know.) But, I don't have the internet yet and am not sure I will for a while. Well, unless you consider 6 months of free AOL "having the internet"?

Watch your back today. Hey, that's good advice any day, right?

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