Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let's Go Back... WAY Back: A Series - Part 23

Blog Originally Published: February 4, 2007 - Sunday 10:58 PM

People Love The Lake!

Walking at Town Lake is always an interesting experience.

But today it was especially interesting. For those of you that don't know, Runtex sets up a couple of tables along the trail where they provide free water and Powerade. Well today, at one of those tables I SWEAR TO GOD I saw this guy I used to go to junior high school with. (And had a crush on. ) Actually, I think I only went to 7th grade with him and then he moved or something, I don't remember. His name was Charlie. (Well, I suppose it still is.) I wanted so bad to yell out, "Charlie!" to see if it was him, but I couldn't remember his last name, (and didn't want to appear a complete loon) and I'm sure he wouldn't have remembered me... so I didn't. But I'm almost positive it was him. Crazy stuff. (You probably fell asleep on your keyboard reading that, but I thought it was crazy. I haven't seen him in like 11 years or something... Anyway, STOP READING MY BLOG IF YOU'RE BORED, A-HOLE!)

And then, when I was walking past the dog park, this little adorable dog with a bright yellow ball in his mouth, ran up to me and stopped, dropped his ball right between my feet, and then just stood there. Waiting. I said, "You want me to throw the ball?" (You know, in that high voice people use when talking to animals and babies.) And he just looked at me like, "Duh." So I picked it up and threw it and he ran off and got it and then ran over to his owners, but he wouldn't give it to them! The guy goes, "He won't even give me the ball!" It was so cute. I wondered if maybe he didn't like his owner's girlfriend or something and was trying to pick out a new one for him, but his owner was too stupid to figure it out? Or maybe he just likes playing ball with strangers? Or maybe I'm putting too much thought into this? (Yeah, probably that one.) lol!

And THEN, we kept walking and came upon a group of people who were all gathered to one side of the trail. There was a ginormous hawk sitting not 10 feet from us with a poor little squirrel in his talons! And he was just sitting there looking at us like, "Why are you all looking so surprised? I'm a hawk. It's what I do." (Yeah, I got all that from the look he was giving. That's what he meant. Trust me.)

And while we were stopped, looking at the hawk, I saw the oldest pregnant lady I've ever seen in real life. (No, she wasn't like that 60-year-old woman who was just in the news, but she had to have been at least 47 or so. Somewhere closer to 50 if I were guessing.) It was really interesting. I've never seen someone who looked like her and was pregnant. Maybe I'm extremely sheltered, who knows?

Okay, I'm going to end this now because I can actually hear you snoring as I type. So... bye!

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