Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's Go Back... WAY Back: A Series - Part 18

Blog originally published: November 6, 2006 - Monday 7:52 PM


(No, that's not me pretending to be a pirate.)

I was trying not to do a new blog until after tomorrow so that my voting post would be at the top of the list (just for a friendly reminder to everyone who hasn't voted yet... VOTE, by the way), but I just can't not do a new blog right now. I... MUST... POST!

I cannot explain to you how excited I am!


I just heard on the radio that Paul McCartney will be in Times Square doing a cd signing on Monday!!! I am trying to figure out who I can go up there and stay with, although I probably wouldn't even need to stay with anyone, b/c I'm sure if I wanted a chance to actually meet him, I would have to sleep on the street outside the Virgin Mega Store, where I'm sure there will plenty others.

(I'm a total freak, I realize this. Roll with it, people.)

I swear I must have esp or something. I mean, I always want to go to New York, but the last couple of weeks I've desperately wanted to go there. Like 10x the amount that I usually want to go there. This must have been the reason! I must have been anticipating the fact that he will be there. My mind was trying to tell me that I NEED to go and I just interpreted it as wanting to go really badly!

ARGH! I'm so excited and I'm not even there! lol! I need to see how expensive plane tickets are.

I don't even know what the odds are of being able to actually meet him though. And since I live in Texas, that would be pretty nice to know. I'd hate to go all that way and be in line forever and not even get to see him. (That would be the only part that would suck, otherwise it'd still be cool because I was in New York, right?)

Anyway, I think if I did meet him, that even if the plane crashed on the way back to Texas I would die happy. No one would have to be sad at my funeral because it would have happened after I had met probably the biggest musical genius of our time. (No arguing with me about that. I will cut you.) Now, if it crashed on the way there... that'd be an entirely different story.

Man, I want to go so bad!!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm getting on right now.


Send me a message if you want to let me stay with you in New York City! HA!


EDIT: Last minute plane tickets are SO expensive! Ugh. I'm becoming frustrated.

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