Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's Go Back... WAY Back: A Series - Part 1

Remember when MySpace was awesome?  Remember when it was the place to be?  You should.  It was only a couple of years ago!  Now it's all about Facebook.  God only knows what will be next, but personally, I can't wait.  Before MySpace was Friendster (hip hop hooray for old school social networking) and before that were good ol' message forums and chat rooms.  I love technology.  It changes so fast, it never fails to keep me entertained.  That being said, the out with the old, in with the new way of thinking and living, has caused me to lose some of my blogs over the years.  Sadly, my blogs from Friendster are no more.  My MySpace blogs are still there, but because I would like to close that account down, I need to find a new home for them.  At first I was transferring them all over to Facebook, but I'm not really a huge fan of their "Notes" section.  Too much like a note and not enough like a blog for my taste.  Anyway, I don't know why I hadn't thought of moving them here now that I have an actual blog (whatever that means), but I hadn't.  Now I have.  (Have I lost you yet?)

So, for the next... however long... I'm going to be posting a selection of old blogs from my MySpace days here.  Not all of them, by any means.  Some of them are SO no longer relevant that it's not even funny.  (Well, I guess for that reason, it kind of is.  Still, I'll spare you.)  I'm doing this not so much for you as for myself.  I'm sure you're not interested in the memories these old blogs evoke for me, but at the same time, I don't think you'll mind.  Will you?  No one reads this thing anyway.

So, without further ado, the first blog...

Blog Originally Published: May 24, 2006 - Wednesday 2:21 PM

What Just Happened?

Okay, I went to Best Buy on my lunch break because they have this laptop I was going to buy. (Yes, I know, "Welcome to the 21st century, Erica," right? So I do not yet own a laptop, does that make me some kind of freak of nature? Don't answer that.) Anyway, they key word, in case you missed it, is "was." I was going to buy a laptop.

First of all, what the hell is wrong with these Best Buy people? I know they make more money the more stuff they can sell me, but Jesus, I JUST WANT THE FRIGGIN' COMPUTER!!! The guy I dealt with tried to sell me all kinds of warranties, and software, and the internet, and virus protection, and set-ups, and small children, and I don't know what all. Why won't they just give me the computer, for the love of God? (I had a mental image of me strangling this guy and his eyes bugging out of his head a la Homer and Bart Simpson.) I just kept saying, "No thanks. No, that's all right. No, not right now. No... No... NO. NO!!!" And what's even better is that he was getting visibly annoyed with me! Can you believe this guy? I mean, I'm the one spending $700 here. Can I please avoid extra costs if I want to without having to deal with some baby-faced salesman's shit?

So then he goes and gets the computer, and I've signed everything and he tries once more,

"Do you have a Best Buy Rewards card?"

(Doh!) "No."

"Are you aware of our Rewards program?"

"No." (Why didn't I just say 'yes'?)

"Well, enrollment is only $10 and you get...."

(My God. Does this freaking guy not get that I don't want to spend a cent over the cost of this laptop?!)

"No, that's okay. Thanks." (I'm so polite I amaze myself.)

Then he looks at the computer.

"Oops, this is the wrong one."

So he goes and gets the right one. (Or at least he tries.) He looks all over the place and then gets on his computer and comes back over to me.

"Are you all out?" I ask.(Hiding my irritation very convincingly if I do say so myself. In truth, at this point, the situation was actually comical and I wasn't even that annoyed any more.)

"Yeah, sorry. But they do have some in stock in Round Rock."

(ROUND ROCK?! Do I look like I want to go to Round Rock just to be hassled for a second time? Aaarrrggg!!! Son of a @#%&*^#&$*!)

"Sorry," he repeats, looking at me like he means it. (Of course he means it, he just went through all that trouble without making anything off me.)

"That's ok. Thanks. Bye," I say walking off in a daze. (Did that really just happen?)

...All of that for nothing...

I'm still laptopless.

I hate Best Buy and if you are a pushy salesman like that, I hate you too. No, really.


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