Monday, September 27, 2010

Visa Approved!

Well, I have been away from here.  You have missed me.  We know this.  But, I have good reason!  My fiance's visa has been approved and he will be arriving stateside in virtually no time.  I have to get things ready at my house!  Even more urgent, I have to get things ready for a wedding!  Argh!  It seems like it's taken forever for this to happen, but now that it's finally here, I will admit, I'm a bit freaked.  He was supposed to have six months from the date that the visa was approved, but with a few issues along the way, including the National Health being in no hurry to help anyone, and red tape amongst both of our governments, it turns out that he has only a couple of weeks to get here!  It's only taken two years to get to this point (Yes, two years.  Don't ask me.  I don't know how we did it, but somehow we did.), you'd think I'd be ready.  Somehow though, I guess part of me was wondering if we'd just be stuck in limbo for the rest of our lives.  I think I wasn't getting things ready because I really just didn't know how much longer this was going to take.  Yeah,  isn't doing things the legal way great?  And they wonder why so many people just walk across the border.  I wish my fiance just lived across the border instead of across the ocean.  Things may have been a lot different!

Anyway, the time has come and now I'm running around like a chicken with her head cut off, trying to make room for him and all his things in the house.  He said he doesn't mind living out of his suitcase for a while, but I really want him to feel comfortable so that's not an option, in my opinion.  But even after he arrives, there will still be more rushing around.  We have to get rings, and finalize wedding arrangements, and get a marriage license, and then apply for his adjustment of status.  Yes, folks, it's not over.  Once we're married, we still have to apply for what is called an "adjustment of status."  That means he'll then be issued a social security number and be legal to work.  He'll be considered a legal "permanent resident."  Then, after two years of being married and living and working here, he'll be able to apply for a green card.  He'll then be a citizen.

Hopefully he won't have as much trouble getting a greencard as John Lennon did!

John Lennon showing off his new American citizenship with Yoko Ono, 1976.

But I guess as long as he doesn't piss off Richard Nixon he should be all right.  Oh, wait...  Yeah, he should be all right then.

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  1. Yes! I am coming to the sounds of the 633 Squadron! QUACK!