Friday, August 6, 2010

Eat, Pray... Live?

Let me start by first saying I have not yet read, nor seen "Eat, Pray, Love." In fact, both the book and the film could be complete... in the words of my other half, "bollocks," for all I know.  But, I am seeing advertisements and articles about it everywhere. And I have seen the previews for the movie. (Not that that counts for anything.  Still, I thought you should know.)  Regardless of my having not seen it, I am crediting it solely for the complete reactivation of my traveling bug.

Now, I have been places, and I have seen things.  (Though nowhere near as many places or things as I would like to see in my lifetime, some great places nonetheless.)  But, I have never been to the one place I have always wanted to go, for as long as I can remember: Italy.  It doesn't really matter where in Italy I go, though of course I want to see all the obvious places: Rome, Florence, and of course, Venice.

I was watching a program on PBS one night: "David Suchet on the Orient Express," and one of the stops along the way was Venice.  That probably aided in refueling my Italian fire.  It was absolutely breathtaking.  What a marvelous place.  I think there must not be another place on earth like it.  And I'm dying to go.

I see photos like these and I can almost smell the place.  The smell of dampness, fish, salty sea air, combined with fresh flowers, freshly baked bread, pasta, and pastries... and maybe garlic or even some basil.  Overwhelming. 

With colors like this, it's no wonder the place is filled with artists and dreamers.  This is a place where the imagination must run wild on an hourly basis.  A place where around every corner is a bit of excitement and fantasy.

Piazza San Marco... One of these days listening to all those Italian language cd's will come in handy here.  I just know it.

Maybe I was Italian in another life, who's to say?  I've always felt this odd connection to the place.  When I get there, perhaps all will be revealed... or not.  Either way it would be quite a trip!

Ah, the romance of not only Venice, but Italy in general.  If we had the money, this would definitely be the place to exchange our nuptials.  Don't you agree, honey?  Alas, we'll have to save our pennies and visit just as soon after as we are able.  And it will be sooner rather than later.  I just don't see how I can stay away much longer.  Italy's calling.  I need now only to pick up the phone.

And when I get there, I will eat, pray, and liveReally live.  Afterall, what is living without experiencing all the wonder and beauty this world has to offer?

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  1. "Italy's calling. I need now only to pick up the phone."

    And say "Automotive Parts and Services Association this is Erica!"

    There's a plug for ya! We WILL go to Venice one day baby! we will travel the length and breadth of Italy to really fulfill your passion for it and it won't be BOLLOCKS!