Saturday, August 7, 2010

Digging Up Old Roots

I like to go places I've never been.  If that means another country, great!  If it means another state, wonderful!  If it means somewhere in my own state I've never been, no matter how "in the middle of nowhere" it is, I still often find it interesting.  Every place tells a story.

Lately I've been getting into researching my genealogy, something I recommend you all do.  It's, in a word, fascinating.  Really.  I have always liked history, but even learning about state history there's always been a certain degree of detachment for me, interesting though I may find it.  It's almost like it's someone else's history and really has nothing to do with me.  Well, when researching your own genealogy, you can't help but feel it has every bit to do with you, because it does!  And learning out your ancestors only leads you (Well, it lead me anyway... but you and I could be and probably are very different people) to want to know more about what was going on in the area where your ancestors lived at the time when they lived there.  And what might have been the reason for them moving to that particular area in the first place.

I realize I probably sound like a huge nerd right now, but it's just riveting for me.  It's my new obsession.  Finding out about my ancestral roots gives me some inexplicable sense of belonging that I wouldn't trade for anything.  So, in furthering my new obsession, I've taken to visiting some of the places where my great-greats came from and lived.  I haven't made it very far yet, but I'm hoping to possibly make it out to Jacksboro, TX this weekend at some point, as some of my family comes from there.  I found the following photos on the internet.  There's an old fort there that was used to fend off the "Indians."  Amazing.

The hospital at Fort Richardson, Jacksboro, TX.

This is the old morgue at Fort Richardson in Jacksboro, TX.

Kitchen at Fort Richardson, Jacksboro, TX.

I'm hoping the television show, "Who Do You Think You Are," that aired on NBC recently, will be coming back with new celebrities this season.  It was even interesting to me to see what or who they found in each of their family trees.  Here's a link to the page that talks about it on NBC.

Also, just in case I've sparked any of your interests in researching your own family tree, these are some great sites:
1. - A free site where you can look up specific people in your family tree on census records and death certificates mainly.  Lots of helpful info.
2. - A free site where people in different counties have spent tireless hours transcribing birth and death information, some census information, some photos.  The info varies county to county.
3. - A free site which allows you to search cemeteries in an attempt to possibly locate an ancestor's headstone.
4. - A free forum you may search by surname or location and correspond with other people who may have helpful information about an ancestor you are searching for.

Each of these sites relies solely on volunteers and may or may not have exactly what you're looking for at this time, but if you keep checking back, you'll inevitably find something helpful.  Also, please be aware that these sites are helpful in finding deceased ancestors only.  Information on living relatives is not given out on any of these sites.

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  1. "I realize I probably sound like a huge nerd right now, but it's just riveting for me."

    Welding, Now there's a riveting profession.